Rock Creek Strategies, LLC is a DC-based firm offering affordable government relations, advocacy, marketing, and management consulting services.

Our nation’s capital is a hotbed of activity where individuals, companies, and industry groups meet on a daily basis both inside and outside the halls of Congress in an effort to shape the political landscape. However, Washington, DC is an expensive venue, and many companies cannot justify establishing a local presence. Yet these companies should have a voice in Washington regardless of how small or large the organization or where its products fall in the supply chain.


Many companies don’t seek representation, particularly if their business does not require full-time support; however, they may require help for specific issues or exploring potential funding sources that might impact the revenue growth of the business. Consequently, many companies are forced to hire high-priced lobbying/consulting firms. RCS can be a convenient and affordable resource, providing representation for your company on a short-term or long-term basis – whatever fits your needs. RCS also offers benefits to large companies that already have a DC presence but require expertise in a specific area, such as Telecom or Energy.

RCS is Your Voice in Washington

RCS provides clients with government relations, advocacy, and marketing expertise with over 80 years of combined experience working with business and government in a variety of markets and technologies. RCS combines technical knowledge with business acumen and hands-on experience working with Congress and the Executive Branch. This provides you with the advantage of working with experts who will quickly understand your business and products and become a member of your team, enabling you to reach your business objectives.