Identifying what federal programs are being authorized and when federal funding will be available for relevant initiatives and programs will facilitate revenue forecasting and planning for business development activities.

Lobbying is a form of advocacy. Companies that understand and work the legislative process are always vigilant. They make themselves available to members of Congress to provide education on certain issues that the business or its customers care about, including the availability of technologies and products. The goal is to support relevant legislation. Legislation may set policy, direct regulatory bodies, or authorize the use of funds for specific programs or purposes. Every company has the responsibility to do what it can to identify funding or program activity as early in the legislative process as possible to promote future business growth.


RCS knows how to navigate the legislative process. Making RCS a part of your team will enable you to make more informed decisions about the technical and economic strategic direction of your business.

RCS is Your Voice in Washington

RCS understands how Congress works, and it makes it work for you by advocating for your interests. RCS educates members of Congress on the benefits of your products and technology to provide differentiation early in the legislative and budgeting process. You need a partner who understands all relevant issues at the intersection of business, politics, and policy.