Government Relations

Making RCS a part of your team will save your organization time and money, and it will enable you to make informed business decisions.

Many profit and nonprofit entities, industry associations, and special interest groups have government relations offices in Washington, DC. These offices manage a variety of activities including political action committees or PACS, lobbying and advocacy, issue management, executive branch outreach, regulatory affairs, public affairs, liaison activities to industry organizations and boards, international government relations, federal budget tracking, even sales support and a variety of other activities that are best handled from locations within the Washington Metro area for total accessibility to Congress and the infrastructure of federal agencies and organizations.

Rock Creek Strategies, LLC.

Often companies know what they need, but they don’t have the time or human capital to execute. RCS will help you to identify your government relations needs, develop a plan to meet your goals, and then execute that plan. We will work within your budget and available resources.

RCS is Your Voice in Washington

Gain a competitive edge by establishing representation in Washington. Get involved in national organizations that are creating and influencing policies that impact your business. Ensure that Congress and relevant federal government agencies understand the benefits your products offer the marketplace. Get connected with the decision makers on government programs. Improve your business forecasting and potential revenue growth. Make RCS your company’s voice in Washington.