Industry Marketing

Many companies are absent from national forums that shape the political landscape impacting relevant industry sectors. In fact, providing technical input early in program development through participation in industry-government meetings gives your organization a competitive edge.

Washington, DC is a hotbed of activity where individuals, companies, and industry groups meet on a daily basis both inside and outside the halls of Congress in an effort to shape the relevant political landscape. Major industry associations hold policy summits in DC and conduct regular meetings to discuss policy issues that impact the business potential of companies operating within those industry segments. More importantly, your customers, and in turn their customers, are active in Washington advocating for their own interests and for policies that will eventually flow down to their partners and suppliers. You should be part of this process. Industry marketing as it applies to policy is an activity that requires continuous availability and face-to-face interaction.


Understandably, many companies and other entities cannot afford to provide full-time resources to this part of the marketing equation. Yet not doing so puts them at a disadvantage during the strategic planning process. Having a presence in Washington can be like having a crystal ball.

RCS is Your Voice in Washington

RCS will use its expertise in technology and marketing to represent your organization and its policy positions at industry meetings and forums inside the beltway, and provide valuable feedback to your in-house personnel.