Management Consulting

RCS has a unique expertise in organizational management focusing on the aging workforce.

As a large swath of older workers approaches retirement driven by the aging baby boomer generation, this aging workforce is triggering the threat of labor shortages and brain drain in many organizations. In fact, in some companies, particularly those operating in markets reliant on valuable intellectual property and know-how, there may be four generations of employees co-existing within the same organization. This age-diverse workforce brings with it many management challenges. To mitigate problems arising from this shift in workforce demographics, organizations need to understand the factors associated with a multi-generational human resource and the retention and/or retirement behaviors of their retirement eligible employees (REEs). RCS provides practitioners with a framework of understanding for productive retention of their valued REEs, and it helps organizations to analyze workforce demographics, develop retirement and sourcing plans, and create management-training programs tailored to their needs. RCS has access to a network of experienced academics and trainers.


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